Missing care is a problem. Notifi Care is the answer.





Identifying missing care is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Think of Notifi Care as your magnet. It helps you find that one thing that can save life after life.



Assistive technology discovers missing care by automatically sifting through structured and unstructured data to flag potential missed care opportunities.



Electronic worklists are delivered to qualified staff for evaluation and assessment with supportive evidence-based documentation.



Validated missed care opportunities are routed to the correct personnel to administer clinically responsible next steps.



Date stamp activities throughout the entire process, examine downstream impact, and ensure optimal care is administered.

How it works.

  • The Notifi Care advanced rules engine automatically, in the background, searches through your organization’s structured or unstructured data for designated care areas and/or processes.

  • Patient records that meet established criteria are flagged for further evaluation.

  • Flagged records are routed and posted to user specific work lists for validation.

  • Validated patient records are escalated based on established criteria and the sound clinical practice of the healthcare provider.

  • Escalated records reside in a continuously managed worklist so proper care protocol and process can be administered.


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