Lynxit Privacy Policy


Thank you for using Lynxit. 

We describe here how we collect and use your personal information when you use our web site, software and services ("Services").

The Lynxit Network

The Lynxit Network (“Network”) is comprised of hospitals and medical and clinical organizations with which you are affiliated.  You are enrolled in in the Network by the organization(s) in which you are a member.

Information We Collect

When you are enrolled in the Network, some personal information is collected and stored in our system.   Such information includes:

  • Your name

  • Your email address

  • Various phone numbers through which you may contacted, including your cell number, pager number, and others

How We Use the Information

Your information is used to facilitate effective communication between organizations and members in your Network.  Communication includes:

  • Voice calls between members

  • Secure text messages between members

  • One- and two-way communications between you and your Network’s organizations

How We Share Your Information

We do not share your personal information outside your Network.

How We Protect Your Information

Your information is stored in our secure data centers using industry best practices.

How Long We Keep Your Information

Your information resides in our system for at least as long as you maintain membership in the Lynxit Network.  

Your use of our system may be subject to state and federal regulations which dictate longer records retention relating to the provision of medical care.