The Notifi platform can be deployed as Notifi Care to identify missing care, needed follow-up or potential adverse events currently in your patient base. It works as a quiet and assistive technology in the background to support conventional efforts that need to be streamlined, makes all necessary care a proactive process and creates a comprehensive approach to reduce liability and malpractice in the sequence of care across all settings, timeframes, specialties and situations.


oncology Care

Notifi Care is an essential tool for oncology care. It comprehensively reviews every relevant radiologist report  for incidental findings that indicate follow up care should be scheduled and done. Studies show that this approach eliminates the findings indicated by radiologists but missed in the follow up process. By hardwiring the right care for each patient, it also gives the health system the opportunity to proactively and consistently manage every potential patient through oncology care navigation within its health system.


cardiovascular care

There are patients within every health system that are living day to day with critical cardiology and vascular disease risks apparent in the data when all the dots are connected yet not under the active care of a cardiologists nor planning for straightforward medication and/or procedures that can improve and even save their lives. Notifi Care can integrate the data layer necessary to analyze existing and emerging data on each patient and apply algorithms to identify cardiovascular care that needs to be offered and provided.


medication management

The medications being prescribed in the typical health system have myriad interactions, precautions and required follow up. These require intense patient communication, tracking, testing and appointment timing beyond the capability of the typical EMR, physician staff and coordination resources. Notifi Care can automate this gap and create a highly reliable and specific system of alerts, reminders, nudges, results review and scheduling based on AI interpretation of prescribed medications.