Notifi creates an integrated data layer incorporating EHR and other data sources to enable real-time alerting. With a proprietary discovery engine that analyzes both structured data and unstructured data, it can intelligently identify patient results, status changes and variations and that require attention and expedited delivery. „ Notifi routes flagged communications to the appropriate staff at the appropriate time, validates staff actions or triggers the escalation process.„„ Notifi Alerts automatically documents every alert and message to ensure proper administrative oversight and regulatory compliance.


imaging alerts

Notifi Alerts leverages the valuable information within imaging exams by automating the alerting to providers of all types and in various situations that the test is done and the report is ready. Notifi Alerts will accelerate critical test results with all the requisite documentation trail or simply let the hospitalist know a key report is ready to be read. An entire program of imaging care alerts is ready to be configured for any health system leading to speed, accuracy and more time for caregivers.


lab alerts

Notifi Alerts insures the right lab result is delivered to the right person with all the inherent preferences and details dictated by the situation. Whether it is critical lab values or simple routine tests, the result is carried to the caregiver as quickly as possible and desired. The reception and acknowledgement of all results is documented for peace of mind and compliance reporting. Where necessary, escalation, resend and other automated loops are available for consistently reliable lab care.


hand-offs/status changes/etc.

There are multiple nudges and alerts that can be automatically generated and delivered between caregivers to help accelerate and optimize patient care. Whether it is a quick "patient ready for discharge" or nudge that a shift change and hand-off is happening, intelligent and appropriate alerts help the care team work as smart as they do hard. Across locations, care settings, time frames and roles, Notifi Alerts hardwires the care process the health system wants to consistently deliver.