MD Interconnect Partners with iWT Health to Enhance Secure Delivery of Critical Alerts for Healthcare Providers

Raleigh, N.C. July XX, 2019MD Interconnect today announced that it has partnered with iWT Health. That partnership will include the integration of iWT Health’s Notifi Alerts into MD Interconnect’s RapidConnect platform.


iWT’s Notifi Alerts is the perfect complement to RapidConnect’s secure messaging platform. While RapidConnect employs intelligent message routing to ensure messages reach the right providers the first time, iWT’s Notifi Platform intelligently identifies patient results, status changes and variations that require attention and expedited delivery. Notifi Alerts then automatically documents every alert and message to ensure proper administrative oversight and regulatory compliance.


Working together, RapidConnect and Notifi ensure that healthcare providers have the right information when they need it, enabling better communication and better patient care.


“Both MD Interconnect and iWT Health are committed to developing technology that supports provider workflows and improves the flow of information throughout the care continuum. This integration naturally extends RapidConnect’s communication capabilities, making it even easier for providers to get the information they need, when they need it most,” explained Karen Hohenstein, MD Interconnect CEO.


“We are excited to partner with MD Interconnect and expand the reach of Notifi Alerts to users of RapidConnect,” says Linda Frank, iWT Health’s Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to working together to deliver even more solutions for healthcare providers.”


RapidConnect delivers much more than just secure texting for healthcare. The platform delivers a comprehensive approach to communication that builds upon MD Interconnect’s deep understanding of healthcare and the care continuum. RapidConnect builds on awareness of the unique needs of each healthcare team member, meeting them at the point of quickest access in their workflow, including desktop workstations, mobile devices, pagers, duty phones and email. RapidConnect also always prioritizes the provider experience to have the most positive impact on patient care.





About iWT Health


iWT Health is a software product company focused on empowering better healthcare through innovation. iWT Health serves some of the biggest and smallest health systems across North America by providing applications beyond the typical tool set a health system possesses, specifically in the areas of bed management, clinical communications, intelligent data mining and alerting and electronic whiteboards. To learn more, visit


About MD Interconnect

Dr. J. David Hoover responded to a critical challenge facing physicians, and one that he had experienced personally; connecting the right physicians at the right time, to ensure
the best possible outcome for patients. With that in mind, he co-founded MD Interconnect and developed RapidConnect, a powerful secure messaging platform for both mobile and desktop users in healthcare settings.


MD Interconnect understands the importance of integrating with a hospital’s (or practice’s) existing technologies, including leading EMR/EHR solutions and call schedule management solutions. This ensures the optimization of a customer's existing technology investment and supports existing workflows, both of which lead to better patient care, increased staff productivity and widespread user adoption. Founded in 2015, MD Interconnect is based in Raleigh, N.C. Visit to learn more.

Enhancing Radiology With Modern AI

Leading to missed diagnosis… When a significant finding is detected on a radiology exam, one study showed that 36% of radiology reports record it in the “findings”, but not the “impression” (the “go-to” section for ordering physicians).  This happens particularly when there are other, more significant, findings.  With recent advances in NLP and AI, using an automated system to detect and track follow-up on potential incidental findings serves as an efficient, low cost solution. After all, early detection is key to survival, right?  So why wouldn’t we want this, not just for our patients, but for ourselves and our loved ones?

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HIMSS 2019 Press Release

Henderson, Kentucky (February 5, 2019)

iWT health will be exhibiting at the 2019 HIMSS conference in Orlando, FL, where they will be featuring Healthtrax electronic white board.    “The dry erase board is dead, electronic whiteboards are in”, says Bernie Hogan, iWT’s Chief Visionary Officer.  They are cleaner, always current, and don’t require staff to use precious time to keep them updated.  “But did you know”, Hogan adds, “that electronic whiteboards can have more utility than you ever imagined?” 


In addition to serving as an up-to-date communication display (in the room, outside the room, and at the nurse station), iWT’s Healthtrax can be used by authorized family and loved ones, from anywhere!  Families can keep track of loved ones remotely, have a direct messaging channel to the care team, and know the best time for visits and calls.


iWT is committed to improving the patient experience.  According to Linda Frank, iWT’s Chief Executive Officer, “Healthtrax accomplishes this not only through better communication with the patient, but with those that care the most about the patient.“


Learn more about Healthtrax at the HIMSS conference, February 11 – February 14, booth 2141.


About iWT Health

iWT health creates innovative software to simplify the process of healthcare. Committed to a “Lean Software” approach, iWT health solutions are designed to be easy to use, adapt to your workflow, and compliment your EMR. iWT health has software that addresses key healthcare service areas such as care team and share team (patient, family, and friends) collaboration, capacity management, shared services communications, and MU certified nursing documentation. To learn more, visit