Automated clinical alert communications.


An intelligent rules and management engine automates every aspect of the alert process to free your staff to focus on patient care.



The right alerts  are delivered to the right staff members while protecting them from alert fatigue through smart alert suppression logic.



Alerts are sent and tracked based on conditional rules that look for sound clinical process to take place or, as needed, escalates outstanding issues.

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Notifi Alerts keeps a complete log of the entire alert process help you deploy thorough administrative oversight and regulatory compliance.

How it works.

  • Notifi Alerts uses a proprietary discovery engine that analyzes both structured data (such as lab values) and unstructured data (such as radiology, cardiology and pathology reports or progress notes and discharge summaries.)

  • Notifi accurately identifies key patient test results and record variations that require attention and expedited delivery.

  • Advanced workflow logic routes flagged communications to the appropriate staff at the appropriate time.

  • Response or lack of response via configurable options validates staff actions or triggers the escalation process.

  • Notifi Alerts automatically documents every alert and message to ensure proper administrative oversight and regulatory compliance.


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