Advancing engaged digital communications.



Electronically nudges your patients to remind them of upcoming appointments and requests a simple proactive response from them



Let’s you automatically notify patients of appointment prerequisites, post appointment follow-up instructions, and test results.



Notifi Reminders accumulates responses across your patient population for assessment, process improvement, and engagement.



Notifi Reminders monitors patient responses and, as needed, escalates actions including follow-ups and direct patient contact.


How it works.

  • Notifi Reminders analyzes patient schedule information and automatically generates reminders that are delivered via text, email, or telephony services

  • Reminders are delivered based on an organization’s preferences down to the exam level including customizable content.

  • As patients respond to messages, those responses are automatically catalogued and trigger additional steps as defined by each workflow.

  • Non-action or non-response thresholds are in place to trigger additional steps as defined in each workflow.

  • Notifi Reminders generates user-specific worklists and detailed analytics which provide critical insights to the behavior of patient populations.


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