Harris Healthcare and iWT Health Partner to Improve Patient Outcomes

Clinical Solutions Portfolio Expands with Distributor Agreement

Herndon, VA—The Clinical Solutions business unit of Harris Healthcare has entered into a Distributor agreement with iWT Health. Under the agreement, Harris Healthcare Clinical Solutions will sell products developed by iWT Health which are complementary to the Clinical Solution group’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and its existing Novus product line, which today includes Novus MedsNovus ClinDoc and Novus LaunchPad.

According to Santina Allen, Senior Executive Vice President, Harris Healthcare Clinical Solutions, “By partnering with iWT to expand our solution portfolio, we have strengthened our position as a ‘one-stop-shop’ in the clinical software marketspace. We are in a better position to deliver solutions across the acute care spectrum, and will continue to support clients with our innovative and flexible platform.”

The solutions entering into the Harris Healthcare Clinical Solutions portfolio include BedReady, the Notifi platform, Lynxit and Healthtrax.

  • BedReady is a comprehensive bed management solution designed to optimize patient flow and workflow in 100+ bed hospitals.
  • Notifi is an interconnected platform of alerts, reminders and analytics to help caregivers achieve coordinated patient care. Notifi includes Notifi Care to identify missing care and potential adverse events; Notifi Alerts, which intelligently analyzes the EHR and other data sources to alert staff to important status changes; and Notifi Reminders, which helps prepare patients for the care environment by providing appointment, insurance and pre-appointment task reminders.
  • Lynxit is a clinical communications system combining paging, messaging and alerts.
  • Healthtrax offers electronic whiteboards which automatically update with key information for in-room patients as well as unit-level caregivers.

“We are really happy to be partnering with Harris Healthcare,” says Frank Johnson, CEO, iWT Health. “The synergies among our products is fantastic—but more than that, we have found a partner that is just as excited about development as we are. Together, we’ll be delivering solutions that change the way patients and caregivers interact with one another—all for the better.”

Harris Healthcare and iWT invite you to schedule a demonstration of our advanced clinical software solutions.


With a 30-year history as a healthcare software provider, Harris Healthcare delivers a fully-integrated solution set to hospitals and clinics throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. We streamline processes, increase productivity, enhance business operations and drive positive clinical outcomes. Visit harrishealthcare.com for more detail.


iWT Health is a software product company focused on empowering better healthcare through innovation. iWT Health serves some of the biggest and smallest health systems across North America by providing applications beyond the typical tool set a health system possesses, specifically in the areas of bed management, clinical communications, intelligent data mining and alerting and electronic whiteboards. To learn more, visit iwthealth.com.

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